Speed skate HIRE for 1 year


We carry a wide range of sizes (and in the smaller sizes different styles) of short track speed skates for hire which is a great option for growing feet and developing skaters.

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Take a look around and you’ll notice that most of our skaters wear skates they have hired from the club. Why? Because speed skates cost a lot and feet often continue to grow until people are 16-18 years old.

Purchasing second-hand or new skates is mostly recommended for the more competitive skaters who skate all sessions and travel to competitions. And once their feet stop growing, these skaters tend to get either semi-custom or custom-made boots specifically for their feet.

The hire fee includes boots, blades and:

  • a set of blade guards for protecting blades when walking in the boots to and from the ice – do not leave them on your skates as this causes rust to build up
  • a set of soakers to transport your skates home and minimise the effect of condensation on the blades after skating and protecting them from rubbing up against other objects


If cash flow is a concern, we have different payment options available. However, the annual hire rate is the most cost-effective (saves you more money).

$95 per year, $80 for 3 terms, $65 for 2 terms and $40 for 1 term